Server Monitoring : $10/server/mo

Server Migrations : $1 domain/server [Only cPanel supported]

Server Management: $30/mo

What we do

24x7 admin support (unlimited admin hours)

The system administrators are always here to assist you with any issues that you have on your servers.

24x7 technical support As your web hosting business demands this; we provide it and you get 24/7 support services directly from our system administrators.

24x7 server monitoring ( if server monitoring included ) We monitor your server ports like Apache, DNS, FTP, SMTP, POP etc.

Fix failed services ( if server monitoring included ) As the servers are already monitored, for any of the failed services our system administrator fixes it immediately so the web sites are always up and working.

System administrator tasks We will update/upgrade cPanel, Apache, Mysql, Perl, Exim, and more. on your servers..

Third party software installations/upgrades supported We support all the third party software that cPanel supports, few are Fantastico,

Zend Optimizer, ionCube, GD, Curl, Perl modules, and more. Below installations will be done on your servers: SIM (System Integrity Monitor)

SPRI (System Priority) PRM (Process resource monitor) APF (Firewall - Anti-DoS configuration included) BFD (Brute force detector) LES (Linux environment security)

PHP hardening /tmp and /var/tmp hardening Apache optimization MySQL optimization CHKRootkit RootKit hunter Host.conf hardening Sysctl.conf hardening

Remove unnecessary/unused software Root login alert Mod_security Mod_Evasive

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